interaction designer, creative technologist

Zero 8° (Experience, Installation)



FORM  Projection mapping, Video Installation

YEAR  February, 2015

SOFTWARE  Maya, Illustrator, Coreldraw, Processing, After Effects

MATERIALS  front surface aluminum mirror, transluscent acrylic, holographic film

SIZE 24cm x 24cm x 60cm

Time is just another dimension of our space. Zero 8° is a video installation prototype that explores the relationship between time and multi-dimensional spaces. The original idea was to create a kaleidoscope effect within a humane size installation, let audiences walk inside and experience the effect.

The installation uses mirrors to reflect the images that's been projected on the screen. The Images were produced by Menglin Xia using processing, after effects and premiere. I designed and built the installation.

Installation  Yue Lin

Artist  Menglin Xia

Music  Zhehui Wang

Recording  Menglin Xia

                  Yue Lin

                  Ziyan Lan

Present UFO Media Lab


Installation Design

the sketch and design of the mirror installation frame