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A Light Read (Experience, Installation)

A Light Read

An experimental game, a story machine that requires patience



Imagine that you are installing a software on your computer, and the process bar says 98% complete, there's only 2% left to go, but it goes incredibly slow. How long will you continue investing in it when you've already spent 2 and a half hour to complete the 98%?


A Light Read is the kind of game that explores how much time people are willing to spend on tiny repetitive things even though the end result doesn't seem to have a big significance.

A project done by Courtney Snavely, Chaohui Tu, Chuck Kuan and Yue Lin

A Light Read was showed off in WINTER PLAY: NYC Game Expo at Microsoft


In A Light Read, you will have the chance to get a word or a sentence of a story when you press the button. You don't know how long is the story, when does it ends, or if you can actually get the word or not. The more you pressed, the more you will get from the story. In the meantime, the more you pressed, the less chance you will get a word.