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Let Me Understand Your Language (VR, Storytelling)

Let me understand your language

The Intersection - Culture Preservation and VR


Why do we preserve traditional architecture?

What should be preserved in traditional culture? 

How can we empower people to preserve it?

Let Me Understand Your Language explores a series of questions regarding the preservation of traditional ethnic culture, focusing on Bamboo house - a vernacular architecture of Dai Ethnic Minority in Southwest China.

PLATFORM  Virtual Reality Experience (Oculus Rift)

SKILLS  Unity3D, Maya

YEAR  2017

VOICES  Aim(Pornsima Duangratana), Chuck Kuan, Yumeng Wang, Fame Nitcha Tothong


It's an interactive storytelling experience in which you can explore different stories by walking and interacting with objects in two spaces - a traditional bamboo house and a modern concrete house at the same time . 

It gives a direct comparison between the two houses as you physically turning to different sides. As the stories unfold, you will have a better picture of the lifestyle and customs in Bamboo House comparing to a modern one. The stories are all around the objects, but they all tied back to the relationships between family members.

LET ME UNDERSTAND YOUR LANGUAGE has been exhibited in the Interactive Showcase at SPECTRUM - MFADT 2017 THESIS SHOW in Parsons School of Design


What is Bamboo House?

It is a kind of stilt house that uses bamboo or wood from the local area as the main construction materials. It is the traditional dwelling of the Dai傣(Tai Lu in Enligh) ethnic minorities in South Asian, the most typical bamboo house are found in Xishuangbanna, southern China.

The structures are designed to suit the hot and humid weather in the river valleys to avoid floods, snakes and other beasts. They are well ventilated damp-proof.



However, the traditional bamboo house is vanishing due to different reasons. Below are images from the same village in 1998 and 2008, almost all bamboo house are gone in just 10 years.

Dai village near Menghai in 1998

Dai village near Menghai in 1998

the same valley, 2008

the same valley, 2008

Bamboo house is not a single case, it is an example, just like many other traditional buildings or cultures in the world that are vanishing.

LET ME UNDERSTAND YOUR LANGUAGE is a reflection of the research into the cause of the problem, it's trying to recall great memories from the local people who used to live in the bamboo house, but not anymore.



To preserve the culture, the key is not actually preserving or representing it, but to draw the attention of the locals attract their interest to their unique culture.

The goal of the project is leveraging the power of VR - emerging technology to document, share and extend the culture of Dai. To empower and help them reshape the ethnicity, strengthen the identity.



Real life experience into Traditional Bamboo house and a shift of experience and identity

It sets you in the environment where you will be able to see two different kinds of houses: a traditional bamboo house, but when turn around, you can view the modern concrete house on the opposite side.


Stories behind objects

In both houses, you will encounter different objects, and there are narrated stories behind each object.

It’s not just an immersive experience, it’s also an environment where you will know the real stories from the local Dai people, the unique customs and traditions.