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WeDesign Online Learning Platform Research

 WeDesign Online Learning Platform

Project Brief

Project Scope:

Phase 1: Choose an existing online learning platform to use

Phase 2:

Specify Problem

In order to choose the right Learning Management system to use, we first need to understand the general flow of the program. Even though everyone understand the flow on their own, but there’s always frictions, or small problem like lack of communication, delays

Project Goal

Choose a platform that can integrate different methods and meet the current class management, online live teaching/learning needs


01 Research

1.1 Analyzing Workflow

1.2 Define Requirements for digital products

Learning management system(LMS) - portal - as a separate site

Portal for different users


  • Real-time video, voice, messaging

  • Screen sharing

  • Conference calls recording

  • Annotation during the meeting?

  • Automatically capturing a transcription and key words using IBM Watson?

Persona class management

● Check schedule and process

● Choose different studios

● Change schedules

Classes management

● Administrator manage classes and send invitation to student/faculty

● Class reminder

After class tutoring

● Space for uploading homework and review it

1.3 Generating Proposal