interaction designer, creative technologist
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Landow (UX, Windows app)

Landow Smart Hotel Management

Software Design, Mobile App Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, UI design

Omnigraffle, Photoshop, Illustrator



Landow is a digital solution provider to hotel management.

Landow Products includes Engineering Management System, Customer Management System,  Mobile app and so on.

Main role and contribution

I participated in the development of 2 major softwares: the Basic Configuration, the Mobile app. 

I developed the first working prototype of the two softwares, lay foundation for further development.

I participated in the whole design process, starting from user needs analysis, to information architecture, to later user flow, wireframe, prototypes and interface so on.

Because of confidential reason, certain pictures and information are not displayed here

Basic Configuration

Some Interfaces



Information Architecture Blueprint