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U.F.O. Bellies (Game, alt controller)

U.F.O. Bellies


U.F.O. Bellies is a competitive physical game that requires team members to match the color on the bellies with the color of the word on the screen instead of the name of the color.



GENRE  Experimental, Physical Game

YEAR  October, 2016

TEAM  Miyeon Kim (Art, Processing), Xiaomeng Tang (Fabrication, Animation), Xianghan Ma (Fabrication)

ROLE  Developer(Processing+Arduino)

CREDIT  Henry J. Lam


GDC official





There are two teams with two players (4 players in total) and each one of the player wears one U.F.O. belly that has 3 primary color pads on it.
The goal is that two players have to collaborate together and hit the right color of the belly to match the color of the word as soon as possible. There are 6 different colors: red, yellow, blue and 3 possible combinations of them- if the color of the word is purple, the two players have to bump red(blue) with blue(red).


U.F.O. Bellies uses the famous Stroop Effect -- if the name of a color is showed in a color that's not matching the name, it takes us longer and we are more likely to make mistakes than when the color matches the name. 


U.F.O. BELLIES has been selected to show in ALT.CTRL.GDC 2017(Game Developers Conference)