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Experimental Projects

This is a blog of all the weird projects I’ve done either experimenting with cutting-edge technologies, reinventing new interactions, or exploring different perspectives.

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Here are something serious and businessy. Here are something fun and playful.

Particle System Controlled with Leap Motion


This is a project I did using Leap Motion to detect 5 fingers movement(in a 3d space). The particles were generated based on the position of my hand, the closer my fingers move towards my body, the larger the particles are.

FORM  Generative Art

TECH  openFrameworks(C++), Leap motion

YEAR  May, 2016

MUSIC Amateur Cartography by Obfusc

For a later version, I used acrylic to make a installation on phone, and made a small hologram(pepper’s ghost) effect. Unfortunately, I didn’t document it. Here’re some of my references:

yue lin