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Experimental Projects

This is a blog of all the weird projects I’ve done either experimenting with cutting-edge technologies, reinventing new interactions, or exploring different perspectives.

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Here are something serious and businessy. Here are something fun and playful.

Pat head rub belly, rub head pat belly [Alt Game Controller]


Explore/Reinvent New Interaction

We’ve all heard about body brain teaser or coordination teaser, something like pat head rub belly, what it’s like to use that actually to play a game?

There are a lot of interactions that we do that are already interesting/game-like in themselves, and this is a small project that I did to explore that kind of fun/awkward interactions for a game.

I built an alternative controller that asks the player to push the button with their left hand and slide with their right hand, then quickly switch to play the Guitar Hero game(what kind of game here is not that important anymore)



The challenge of building it was how to make a controller that you can both push and slide with limited time and existing resources.


I used a slider to put on top of a giant push button so that both left and right controllers can move on four different directions: up and down, forward and backward.

I used Arduino Teensy to send the movement data to my laptop to control the arrow keys to play the game.


User testing and evaluation:

This was the first quick and dirty prototype. The controller works in itself, but because 1) the actual touching point is tiny, the player has to use fingers to grab it, which is not comfortable; 2) the way I built it is not stable or easy to slide, it’s tough to control Guitar Hero.

The ideal way to control it is the whole palm to push or slide, for that to work, I need to expand the touch point to a larger contact area.

Here’s a quick video to see what worked and what didn’t work: